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If I may make a suggestion: I think most people would find dynamic trial/quota periods to be better than static periods. What does this mean? It means the periods don't depend on calendar weeks/months. So for instance, trial doesn't start on Sunday and end on Saturday and quota doesn't start on 1st and end on 30th. Using dynamic periods, trial starts the day user was added and ends 7 days after and quota starts the day user was added to a quota group and ends 30 days after. This way users always get a fair trial/quota period and 'user managers' don't have to worry about time of week/month they add users. I'm not sure if it's harder to code it this way or maybe it can even offer a solution to the calendar problem you mentioned (if we can move away from using calendar days). If you want an idea how to do it just take a peek at ss-trial because it has dynamic trial periods.

But, if this way is harder for you then forget about it. Working trial+quota across slaves is more important than having it be dynamic.
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