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Default Trial And Auto Del User

I'm testing a new version, 3.0, it have a basic trial, !rank and few improuvement.
About deluser i'm thinking about but is not so easy.
I've see whit my personal experience the people often don't set correctly affils/excluded groups.
Often site's clock can be not set correctly , maybe the hour is wrong (+- 1 at least) can false the last day's quota.
Another problem is the eggdrop doing recursive ftp command can crash, that can stop the delete process.
The last problem i've see is related to glFTPD, if you do site monthup it give only users who have uploaded 1+ MB , if a user have uploaded 0 Mb he will not be displayed.
I think a check on the first day of month is needed, on the next days i'll try to make some test about that.
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