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Cool ioSyslog

this was natural evolution. I came out with ioLast, ioShowlog, ioErrors or whatever i called it, now one to show you the sysop.log file.

runs off the exact same engine as the others except with slight modification to accept the file line syntax of the SysOp.log file.

hope someone finds this useful. again, i just made it for myself and decided to share.

output example:
site syslog 2
200-[ 1] 02-03-2005 21:10:23 'admin_name' changed flags for user 'PRIVATE_USERNAME' from '3' to '3B'.
200-[ 2] 02-03-2005 21:10:13 'admin_name' changed max concurrent 'FTP' logins for user 'PRIVATE_USERNAME' from '2' to '1'.
200 Command successful.

get it here:

--enojoi // mr_F
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