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Originally posted by Mouton
Doesn't exist.
Easier way to do this would be to map shared drives from the site you want to send to and move the dirs to that (local) mapped drive.
Hum impossible if the site is not on the same network.

Originally posted by NeoXed
If you have access to a unix/linux box, use the lftp client; it has a built-in mirroring feature, or you could use psync by GOD-EMPEROR ( - run from tclsh NOT from ioFTPD).
I do not know if script work well, work fine with the connection but after:
  • :***: Checking: 3 12:04 test
    % ControlHandler directly invoked
    % code=000 state=cd
    < CWD 3 12:04 test
    % ControlHandler completed
    > 550 3 12:04 test: No such file or directory.
    % code=550 state=cd_sent
    % command duration -> 70ms
    ftp: ERROR : failed to change directory - {3 12:04 test}
    % ControlHandler completed
    % killing connection

any idea ?
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