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Default About pretimes checking....

Well im using ioftpd + ioa + iob all last versions available to registered users. And i have mysql db with pretimes in it.

But now i would like to iobanana to check pretime when the rls is being uped that is on mkd.

Ive done setting it up in iobanana.ini

and the db info is filled up correctly.

Now the thing is the db i am having is not the structure as iob wants it. For exmp. i have table 'type' and table 'name' but i dont have a table called 'timestamp' i have it called some other name. I cant change the table name in that db. So i was wondering if there is a way to somehow correct in iob the setting to still work. Because now i cant check for pretimes, and i get this in ioBanana_err.txt:

05-01-26 20:02:28 checkpretime 1: error: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

Mysql info is filled up correctly triple checked it, and tried connecting with mysql client and it works. MYSQL version running is: Mysql 4.1

I would need this if it`s hard coded in .exe any way Harm of you fixing that table name in it so i can use it

Well in any way thx and cya.
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