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Default Update from my web provider

Dear Valued Customer,

Customers on the cobalt server might had notice a few hours
of server downtime. The reason why the server was down was due to
the previous experience with an account user who mess
up the server. The problem occurred after we deleted
his site. Following the deletion, Server Control
panel are having problem. Therefore, we reboot the server.
However, the problem control panel
error doesn't seem to be resolved. Right now, we manage
to bring the webserver back online again. Thanks goodness
that everything on the server is safe.
Even though the server is pingable, websites on the server
are unable to be access for the past hours. But customer can
now access to their website again. However, there's still a problem with
ftp access.We will be doing a backup for the server while we continue
to fix the server. We encourage all customers to BACKUP their site as well.
This is to ensure that your website is well-backup if
anything bad happen. If you using vbulletin
script, backup your forum using the backup utility comes
along with it. For other scripts, backup your script database
as well if there's a backup utility available attached along
with the script. Currently, there's a problem with ftp access.
Customers who be using ftp access to backup their site , had to
find an alternative way to save their website. Sorry for any
inconvenience caused during this period of time.
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