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Question "On complete move upload" script?

I have been configuring my ioFTPD to make it do things automatically as much as possible, so it won't consume as much of my time as before.

I already looked if there was something out for this. What I want is this.

Someone uploads a movie to the server in the "upload" directory, now if the upload is done I want it to be moved automatically. For example if it's an MP3 I want it to be moved to the "mp3" dir, if it's a movie I want it to be moved to the "movie" dir.

Now I have no idea if this is possible, I think you can write some batch file but that would only cover the basics.

Is there anyone who knows if there is already a script out there. I saw "WarChive" has something like this, but it's disk space orientated.

Thanks in advance.
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