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Isn't that weekly credit allotments are for? If you want a different time duration (say monthly), schedule the weeklyset event to run once a month.

Quote from ioA's manual:

9. If using weekly allotment this needs to be triggered. To do so,
schedule it to be run whenever wanted. If you want dayly allotment run it each day.
If weekly allotment then once a week and so on.
It sets amount of credits when you run it.

Following example triggers it once a week:
Weekly = 0 0 * 6 EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe WEEKLYSET

site weekly <user/=group> <section>,<MB>
Sets X MB credits for a user to be used. It does not add but sets it to specific value.

site weekly ioFTPD 0,500 Set ioFTPD 500MB credits
site weekly =ioftpd 0,500 Set ioftpd 500MB credits
site weekly ioFTPD 0,0 Removes allotment for ioFTPD in section 0
site weekly Lists users with allotment
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