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Originally posted by Beastlee
I can see your point but have never had this problem in the 2 yrs I've used R****n.
You cannot compare ioFTPd to Raiden. They are nothing alike. If you like Raiden's features then maybe you should use Raiden.. but at the end of the day you will find that Raiden is very irrationally structured. So please don't say "raiden does this why doesn't ioFTPD?" anymore. ioFTPD was designed to align with the FTP RFC, and to not include any bulky, cpu intensive useless functions.... what you request could very likely be added as a 3rd party script, but isn't a logical addition to the ftpd's main structure

another thing you might consider is editing the Default.user file to contain the ip you are connecting from so all newly added users can easily be accessed by your ip
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