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Originally posted by bigstar
It's not hard code. It's hard for me to understand the logic of how everyone wants it to function. Also people have to understand that items are added to the list on a first come basis, it's not like specific file types are added first. that does tend to make it a bit more difficult, but not impossible.
What i'm looking for, and i think many others too, is something like this:

A small window:

[An Add button]
[A Delete button]
[An Edit button]

Click Add - A box comes up asking for a filepattern
You add the filepattern *.nfo (clicks 'ok')
Repeat - add the filepattern *sample* (clicks 'ok')

Now.. When you queue (or transfer a huge list of files) *sample* and *.nfo gets moved to the top of the list (just like .sfv does at the moment) and transfered first.

Easy as that... Nothing more complicated is needed..
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