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Lightbulb Im not sure that this will get me anywhere

To me it seems like BigStar wont add it, unless he finds an easy solution (which makes perfectly sence to me, as re-writing a larger portion of the code for 1 little feature is plain waste of time), and that he needs a good description on how it should be done, well here is my theory:

Add a new "Xfer Method" to the options tab, which brings up a dialog window "Files First" (with an "activate" button).

Coded in as priority 1 is *.SFV (ghosted out and cant be changed).
Then you add your priority list as
*.nfo priority 2
*.php priority 3
etc etc

Then you que your dirs/files:
Then you starts to transfer your que

Correct me if im wrong on this one
When FFXP enters a dir it checks for a SFV file, before it starts the transfer, and if its there, FFXP put that in top of que.

When it perform this check it should also check if the "Files First" is activated, if it is then re-sort the que (dir by dir, and if there is no dirs in the que then just sort files to put "Files First" on top) according to the method selected in the "Files First"
If the "Files First" is inactive then transfer as it does now.

Do I make any sence atall
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