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Your current method of simply "putting it first" ahead of everything else is entirely workable from a logcal point of view.

If you have an interface for a priority list, you start from the bottom and work your way up, this way your method still works and users can do what youre worried about (txt before html).

ie. I create a Queue First list in FlashFXP like this:

Now when you enter the directory you do the same thing you're doing for the .sfv right now, but start at the bottom and loop it. ie:
- your first job with the above list is to look for *.nfo, then you move them to the top.
- your second job is to look for *.sfv, then move them to the top
- and so on.

This way you end up with your higher priority files/fodlers (Sample in the example) being the LAST thing moved to the top before the queue starts transferring. And now everything is in order and everybody's happy!

This could be done with relative ease with an external utility modifying and reloading FQF files, so i would hope it's just as simple with an internal process. You create a temporary queue (but dont draw it in the queue list), perform the sorting ops on the file, and then load that into the queue.

It sounds like a long drawn out process but in reality it is a very fast thing to accomplish.
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