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Firstly, my impression of this issue is that it has gotten way out of hand.

The concept I (and others) had in mind is as follows:
(please understand this is a little hard to put into text bigstar)

The settings/options for this would be in the filters section, under a Priority List tab or simular. It would have the same basic look as the Skip List tab/section.

Having an enable tick box, a list of files, file mask's rather. With add/delete and possibly a right click edit option to make it a dir (if this is possible, or if not, dont bother)

My impression on priority within the priority list is not a viable option and not needed in any case, the only file which should always have supreme priority would be the .sfv file, the rest of the files within the priority list would basically be put to the top depending on which FFXP saw first when being queued.

I understand this is a little complex and I have attempted to put this all in an understandable text.

Please let me know if any clarification is needed, or any other questions about this.

P.S. I do not recommend a priority list in a backwards manner like someone suggested, ie. having a list which makes certain files go to the bottom of the queue. This is totally unneeded.

The only other option to have in the right click pop box (when file mask is selected) would be maybe, and only maybe.. a tickbox for upload / download. So you can have either or both.
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