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First off thx bigstar for putting this on a lil priority on the TO-DO list Well let's try to give you my understanding on the priority list.

People want to upload certain files first (same for download), because some sight might specify or require to upload some files first, so this is done already with the *.sfv. Now here is what users want (speaking of myself and trying to include others).

Declare our own files/file-extensions which should be uploaded first (not only the sfv). So that you could include a new Tab next to the Skip list for "queue rules" or whatever u wanna call it and give the user an option to do the following:
  • User can specify certain files, global extensions, folders
  • Rules can be specified in a drop-down menu such as
  • Upload/Download first (Rewrite it as Top of queue if ya want)
  • Upload/Download last (or put on bottom of queue... however)
  • Upload/Download after {user can specify file/extension}
  • Upload/Download before {user can specify file/extension}
  • Extensions should be multiple too, meaning *.r* should be possible well u know this I bet

I hope I explained my needs a little bit. This is how I understand it. Let's take a test case: SITE needs "sample" folder first including the *.nfo and the SAMPLE*.mpg file in it; now the rules manager (woo another cool name for it) should be able to clarify it, so that I only have to take my premade folder from my harddrive shove em in the queue and flashfxp uploads them in the right order.
Another sample case: User "Mr X" wants always that the *.iloveflashfxp gets downloaded first because he has a fetish with a talkative developer. So FlashFXP should allways download that file first.

Got my point?

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