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Default having problems whit annouciing

my problem is when the bot is anncousing on irc it works to the part halfway comed then it looks like this....

(THE-BOT) [DEFAULT] - CoversC:FTPCovers//CoversC:FTPCovers" is halfway. Leading uploader: /CoversE"/somedir [Tammik/SiTEOPF/42%/8KB/s].

why dose it say default should it say the section name in this case Covers

it looks the same when the relese is complet

(THE-BOT) [DEFAULT] - CoversC:FTPCovers//CoversC:FTPCovers" [ /CoversE"MB in somedir at 84KB/s - 16m 5739s ] was completed by 0/15. Slowest: TammikKB/s. Fastest: SiTEOPKB/s.

dose anyone know what the problem can be
iam runing an almost new ioftpd and iobannan 2.0 and ioA 1.2.0+
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