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Hmm. Strange problem. Take a look how first line of your debug is:

Starting... argc=4, argv: ..\site\MP3\1216\test\00_va_-_trance_protection-2004-lf.sfv | ABF7373A | /MP3/1216/test/00_va_-_trance_protection-2004-lf.sfv |

while for my files I get lines like:

Starting... argc=4, argv: c:\_ftp\upload\bb\bbbb\bb.sfv | 2E96D25B | /upload/bb/bbbb/bb.sfv |

Notice how the first argument is full path in my case and relative in yours. Which is really strange, because this is what pzs gets from ioftpd. I don't know what could be causing this - a stupid guess, probably, but maybe there is some option in your ftp client which could be messing with things?

Anyway, in your case the script fails to find the file, thus considers it a bad sfv and rejects it. Unfortunatelly I don't know any solution
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