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[R] site undupe
[R] 200-Usage: "site undupe <user> <dirname>"

Can undupe a dirname.. but what's the command to undupe a filename?

Maybe a small fix? or am I missing something here?

Would like to have something like "site undupe <filename>" as I don't see the point to have "site undupe <user> <filename>"

BTW, script is pretty straight forward, easy to install - glad with it so far but haven't reaches to 50,000th files yet (will do it right after i've got this small fix)

!!! ATTENTION: batch script(s) I use -- namely run.bat -- have only
!!! been tested on WinXP. I am pretty sure they will work on 2000 as
!!! well, but most probably won't in 9x. If somebody manages to write
!!! it in a portable way, I would love to get my hands on it

You've mentioned a batch file, maybe you could tell me where to find it? - or have it send to me so that I can add all those 50,000+ files to the db without having to upload it all over again
Hope you can help

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