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Talking !bnc does not work..


got a small problem..

if i type in channel !bnc i just got that ircannounce:
[14:29] (bot) -:: bnc(s) ::-

nothin more happens...

in partyline i got that errormsg:
Tcl error [ioB:bncalias]: couldn't execute "\usr\bin\": no such file or directory

so i checked the ioBanana.tcl (v20)

set ioBvar(bnctest) "/usr/bin/" ;# Only used on a *nix box

like the comment show its just vor unix or linux server...

what can i do?
all that i want is if someone type !bnc that he get a announce of the actuall bnc...
it has not to be a full bnc check if its up and so on...

thx in advance
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