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Originally posted by mr_F
IMO there is already a standard : CRC32.
this is all that a zipscript needs to include. after that everything else is bells and whistles
So the only script you use on ioFTPD is a script that checks the CRC of received files, and tells you if they are good or bad ? It doesn't rename them if they're bad ..? Or tell you if you received all files index in the .sfv/.diz file ?
*Even* if you really are using a crc-checker, like Neo said, it's not what most users use or would call a Zipscript.
A ZipScript, for most users, keep tracks of who sent the files, how long it took to send them, makes tag directories to indicate the level of completion of a sfv file, etc.
If you don't use all that, then good for you, that's way less trouble. But most people do, and for them (and me), having a standard that would state exactly what a complete Zipscript should do, would be something good.
If, after the standard is written down, a team of programmers want to implement it and create 'the ultimate zs' like you say, then fine.
I personally won't program a single line of code.
I tried to start a project once, to create a distributed user system; something many people still want. Nobody volunterred.
I would guess trying to start a project to create a zipscript, something that everybody already has, won't be much more sucessful.
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