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Originally posted by mr_F
IMO there is already a standard : CRC32.
this is all that a zipscript needs to include. after that everything else is bells and whistles
Do you disagree just for the sake of arguing?

CRC32 is a basic checksum algorithm; perhaps you are referring to “Simple File Verification” (SFV), which utilizes CRC32.

An add-on, which only verifies a file’s integrity, based on the CRC32 value from a SFV file, would be called an “SFV-Checker” in my opinion. A “zipscript” is an entirely different concept with an entirely different feature set (zip/diz files, completion tags, upload statistics and so on). The actual classification of what defines a “zipscript” is quite opinionative, which is why this standard may be a great idea - to outline the necessities and requirements in “zipscripts”.

Unless you can persuade thousands of people to ditch the zip/diz combination, in favor of rar/sfv, you are out of luck. There are many obvious reasons why this switch would be a great idea, but customary and habitual routines are difficult to change. Even then, zip/diz support would still be required for backwards compatibility - as there will always be people who refuse to adopt change.

Any who, this is my last irrelevant reply.
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