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Default !reqadd !reqfilled problems

I got similar problem with !reqadd in dzsbot.tcl
I thought it will be ok to post it here

How i can change flags in dzsbot.tcl to make every1 make requests (not only ops) at chan with !reqadd !reqfilled cmds ?
And if i want to add more than 1 person or 1 grp here
Request_IRC_Uid = 0
Request_IRC_Gid = 0
how should it look like?

...and this is the last one - i wanted to change !reqfilled announce from default Notice to announce like for cmd !reqadd - anyone know how to do it i mean for !reqfilled number it will show:
[REQFILLED] - %request filled by nick@grp at chan (not sent as notice)
I know that puthelp "NOTICE $nick :Request number $arg is now filled" at request filled section in dzsbot has to be changed to something like request add in dzsbot but i dont know scripting that good

Any help will be appreciated
TNX alot
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