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Time for a story...

About a week ago I noticed my board account was screwed. I could still log in, but couldn't see any threads on the board.
I also noticed that I couldn't log in to the members section anymore.
After some time I saw a thread floating around about banned users. Apparantly I was banned for 'leaking' 5.8.4r. After that, I talked to some ops in the channel and I figured out that the 'leaking' must have been caused by the fact that one of my servers was hacked some time ago, sending TB's of data in some lame XDCC-channel. Apparantly, the hackers were also friendly enough to steal my ioFTPD directory (or at least the .exe) and install it on a hacked server, of which the owner reported it here and sent the .exe to Mouton.

I'm very sorry this happened and still have to see what they're gonna do with my account.

For the time being, I deleted the scripts from the scripts page. Some of them need some major updating, because they don't work. When those scripts are fixed and I have my account back, I will put them up again.

If you really need them, just ask me on IRC and I will send you them.


PS: This is a temporary account I'm posting with.
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