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Default approved doesnt create Approved by ... dir

On !approve Foo.Bar or site appove Foo.Bar "Approved by ..." dir isnt created by ioBanana when Foo.Bar dir is created. Bot announced approve in chan tho.

If i create the "Approved by ..." dir in Foo.Bar manually myself i cant nuke the rls, so that seems to work just fine (approved.dat is updated too). I think it stopped working around v20 pre7 or something, never bothered looking at it but its starting to irritate me now. Tried debug but it didnt really tell me anything usefull, nothing special there (see below).

Same problem for approving already existing rls btw: no "Approved by" dir is created.

Everything else works just fine... any ideas?

[R] (10:05:25) site approve 123
[R] (10:05:26) 200-====================
[R] (10:05:26) 200-# of arguments: 3
[R] (10:05:26) 200-[0]=..\scripts\ioBanana.exe
[R] (10:05:26) 200-[1]=approve
[R] (10:05:26) 200-[2]=123
[R] (10:05:26) 200-====================
[R] (10:05:26) 200-123 approved for upload by silver.
[R] (10:05:26) 200-putlog APPROVED: "123" "darko"
[R] (10:05:26) 200-Value found...
[R] (10:05:26) 200-[0]=dir_log > c:\ioftpd\logs\current_dirs.log
[R] (10:05:26) 200-ioBanana Process Time: 50 ms
[R] (10:05:26) 200-exit: 0
[R] (10:05:26) 200 Command successful.
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