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site showbanana gave me:

[11:14:47] [L] site showbanana
[11:14:49] [L] 200-files¬04-10-11 11:10:55¬0000¬0000
[11:14:49] [L] 200-xile divxfactory-h.r46¬04-10-11 11:10:55¬djrob¬15000000¬431¬867C635A ¬0
[11:14:49] [L] 200-xile rlt-dt.r13¬04-11-05 05:45:27¬djrob¬15000000¬853¬EE26D3D6 ¬0
[11:14:49] [L] 200 Command successful.

Not shure what i'm supossed to get for info on that though...

And the xferlog is like 20mb.. what am i supposed to do with that?
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