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right now I'm using lftp to retrieve listings. lftp is scriptable, but not to the extent that a recursive-directory-listing could be implemented.

So I'd have to write my own ftp client. But, even though the ftp standard is quite simple, that is a non-trivial task. Anybody who has tried to write an ftp client will confirm this (that's why there are countless ftp clients around, but 95% of them suck). There's also ftp libraries available for perl, but they won't support encrypted control connection/dirlistings (unless a special proxy is used which will take care of encryption; but that's a workaround not a solution).

Also, it's not a problem with "all the other ftp servers". It works with other ftp servers. With glftpd, with wuftpd, with proftpd, with pureftpd, even with crappy Serv-U.

It just doesn't work with ioftpd.

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