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I know that most search utilities for ftpds suck, and that they have problems with speed and volume of search. That is why I've written my own (FAS/SMBSpider). It is blazingly fast, even if the index is substantially larger than 1 TB, and even if wildcards are used in search. My tool can also include offline media (CD, DVDR - like a web-based WhereIsIt) and SMB shares (via an SMB spider written in Python). And it comes with a web interface that is easy to use and platform independed as far as the client side is concerned. Damn, now I sound like a marketing guy.

Anyways - it just doesn't work with ioftpd, and that is the reason why I have posted this.

So, if I use vfslister, I get a dirlisting in the same format as a standard "ls -lR"?

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