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Most search \ sort \ and so on for ALL ftpd's are a wasted effort from the end users USE based on 2 main factors - speed and volume of "search"

There is only 1 item that works 100% perfect.

I understand your question, and good luck...

But all the ftpd's I am associated (io \ raiden \ serv-u) with that have small sub 2 terrabvytes online to as high as 6+ terrabytes online use one program that scans such sites in less than 30 seconds across a local lan of 2+ servers...

DO a search of FTPSERVERTOOLS and look for VFSLISTER and that is the item that does the job...setting it to run off every 15 mins or in 30 min time slots has no effect on the system and the lists are basicly fresh as can be.

Each list of every dir or file can be downloaded in 2-10 seconds and viewed in ex: ULTRA EDIT via what you are searching for and 90% of the time - this useage is faster than the ftpd results and far more precise.

I run this off on my site and 4 terrabytes takes a few seconds on standard dir listings - in depth dir\file takes about 30-40 seconds and that is of 10,000's of DIR's ... on the raid 5 array of 1500 gigs of RIP style - done in under 40 seconds and that is 5000+ dir's per a to z dir = 130,000+ dir's (test bed here for a business)

Might not be the answer your looking for - but this is the ONLY program I found that does the job...
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