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Default Getting recursive listings from ioftpd?


I'm the author of FileArchiveSearch and SMBSpider . I'm currently adding FTP indexing capabilities to these search tools. For this, I need to get a recursive listing of the content of the ftp server.

No big deal, since I can request that from the server the standard way, using "LIST -lR". That works fine with glftpd, Serv-U, etc.

Problem is: It doesn't work with ioftpd. I did some further testing, and it seems that ioftpd simply ignores any arguments passed to LIST (e.g. LIST -t for sorting by time doesn't work - no big deal, since most ftp clients can sort directories on the client side).

Does anybody know a workaround to that problem?

A possible workaround would be to make a site command (e.g. SITE rls) which will call a normal "ls" binary (e.g. from cygwin). Has anybody done such a thing?

Of course such a workaround wouldn't consider the ioftpd VFS. In the long term, a LIST implementation that is on par with other FTP servers would be desirable.

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