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Not sure if this is what your looking for:

What you want is EASY and NOT at the same time.

I setup such a system for a local business.

- install apache (never mind the MS crap)
- setup apache for a common NAME\PASS (same pop up idea as a password for the OS)
- set your web page up under apache
- here you can add in what you want to the web page and link to the HTTPD program
- in this case RAIDEN HTTP (used for now)
- there you can do as you want...

Like I said - easy and not easy as I had to setup according to the clients wishes which was a global MAIN ACCESS of NAME\PASS for all working there (easy as 1,2,3) create the web page which is either easy or a pain in the ass depending on what it contains, the link to the HTTPD (each with their own password access to their areas and other areas hidden \ FORUM for all to talk in \ NEWS of what is going on \ and so on...

It does the job...not as clean as I would like - but no complaints and all private files are exactly that...
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