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Default http-service and SSL


I'm new to this forum and ioFTPD. I have downloaded the trialversion 5-8-4u and successfully hosted a simple FTP-server with the default settings. The problem is I am not that interested in the FTP-service and would like to enable the HTTP-service. I have been given a task/job from a company to host a server which uses encrypted file transfers and is accessible via an internet browser like internet explorer and such using https. If a user has the correct password i want him to be able to securily download these documents from my computer at home.

First of all I would like to know if it is possible to do this, because I would not like to buy the registered version only to find out it was not possible. I read that you have to have a registered version if SSL is to be enabled.
Do you guys know of a newbie installation/setup guide or other documentation that is useful?

Help me please
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