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New version is available:
+ Added an option to define multi-disc directories other than just CD1 & CD2 (such directories are announced differently)
+ Added an option to delete imdb_bar when *.nfo is deleted (can be disabled in config)
+ Added an option to have imdb_bar as file [thanks to laShan]
+ Added an option not to show user stats when there was no race (i.e. only one uploader) [thanks to laShan]
+ Two new cookies added: movie runtime and estimated remaining time for race [thanks to laShan]
* Fixed compile errors for noDEBUG and noIMDB modes (again... hopefully better this time
* Fixed error in recognition of ID3 tags for some mp3s (genre displayed as "Unknown")
* Replace "/", ":" and similar characters if they appear in imdb_bar (this way genre should work OK now)
* Improved script stability on *.sfv upload
* Fixed movie sorting when sorted dirs would be created even when upload was to private directory (not tested, I don't use sorting)
* Fixed progress bar not being deleted by postdel when status_bar_type=0
* Fixed crash when uploading/deleting file with extension longer than 8 characters
* Fixed problem with slowest speed reported as 0 [thanks to laShan]
* Fixed 0day symlinks to work with first part of dirname [thanks to laShan]
* Fixed 0day type symlinks so that the first type defined isn't cut of [thanks to laShan]

All in all, I think I have fixed all the bugs I am aware of. The script also seems quite stable in my testing... in fact, it might finally be stable enough to be really useful

As always, let me know if something doesn't work
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