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I just want to congratulate u esmandil

Im a huge fan of caladan's scripts, and im using project-zs 4 a long time now. :banana:

Latest version ( ProjectZS. ) was giving me some problems, ie. it was crashing when some *.nfo's were uploaded, probably imdb data problem.

So i decide to test this new fix u made, and p00f, imdb working great with those *.nfo's i said before.

So, im happy, i'll be testing yer new fix 4 now and i'll let u know if i find some prob...

Thats all folks

Thanks 4 yer fix esmandil, keep the good job

Last but not least, i would like to send my best wishes to Caladan and his pzs, dedicated to his daughter.. I hope u come back m8 ioFTPD community is missing u =]
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