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Default /msg problem

Very nice work, pleasure to use it!
I have encountered an problem though.
Most likely it´s me doing something wrong, since i´m new on this..
We use +i on our chnl and site invite works great(although i can´t seem to restrict it with a flag, no matter what flag i set i´m always allowed to do site invite)
However, there will be several users without access to site invite, so i was trying to use /msg invite
Adding a user is no problem at all.
Sending an password to the bot for that user-account is no problems either.
The problem is when the user tries to login..
[20:55] @|iNViTE|: [4INTRUDER] + Nick ( tried to invite himself with invalid login!
Anyone who knows what i need to do?
I read that they recomended ioPassword by Warc, i Downloaded it but have no idea how to use it..
The best thing i think though is to get this already built in feature to work.
Any help is highly apreciated.

( using latest ioFTPD-r, ioA and dZSbot)

- maX1mus
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