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Originally posted by eRRa
More info .. I've tryed 2 run the bot without DZSbot and that worked out fine .. got a nice 2d 14h uptime .. new record for that bot .. by one day..If you know what i mean .. So the tcl that is provided by Bounty is the problem .. No offense, script rules.
Prolly some settings somewhere .. But, where... Everything works..??
[UPTIME] + windows is running for 23d 13h 1m 22s
[UPTIME] + ioftpd is running for 23d 13h 0m 47s
[UPTIME] + windrop is running for 23d 3h 52m 28s
it's my today uptime on a w2k SP4 ... script rules

dunno why it crach for you ... sorry
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