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Default possible iozs 2.05 bug - mp3 symlinks and junctions

i've setup iozs to create ntfs junctions for uploaded mp3. when tried iozscleanup to remove junctions to nonexisting dirs, it didnt delete the junctions. i tried to run it from command line w/o the 'quiet' parameter and this was outputed:

Now Processing:
Now Processing:
Now Processing:
Now Processing:

and nothing was changed.

i then switched to symlinks because i found iosymcheck. but when mp3 was uploaded, the symlink which iozs created links always to [COMPLETE]-[*-files-*-at-*]-[*-*-*-*]
thats my customized tag with stars instead of cookies. i asked on chan and neoxed tried to reproduce it and it made the same so it looks like a bug.

thats the only thing i found nonworking in iozs, otherwise its great
thx StarDog
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