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I am still trying to perform multiple commands with a single click in ioGUI, and I gave up trying to pipe commands, or use a hex editor as you suggested. Now I am trying to use a batch script instead like this, hoping the parameters are passed to the bat:

menu_activity = Kick-Ban %(user) | $ftp SITE KICKBAN %(clientip) %(cid)

in [FTP_Custom_Commands]
KICKBAN = %EXEC ..\scripts\KickBan\KickBan.bat
ADDBAN = TCL ..\scripts\ioB\ioB.tcl addban

and my kickban.bat
@echo off
echo Banning %1(clientIP) and killing %2(cid)
echo !ADDBAN %1(clientIP) somereason
echo !kill %2(cid)
exit 0

it does return the echoed text, and "command successful", but nothing happens, maybe because I am not passing the parameters correctly? What am I doing wrong?
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