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Default idea ... which I'm too dumb to make work.

It's safe to say that the limits of my programming language knowledge comes when I have to innovate new ground. So i'm turning this over for some help or even for anybody who wants to try to make it themselves.

The Idea:
I was doing some research and shit (no i wasn't, but i wanted to show my roomate something from a webpage and didn't want to have to search for it later). And I thought about this: What if you could run an app (in systray or hidden) that allows you to draw on the screen with a marker or highlighter (while holding the hotkeys down) and memorizes by PID or WindowTitle AND scrollbar location where to place highlights when a window is recalled. So you could highlight some text, and minimize the app (if it worked by PID) or close it completely (if it worked by WindowTitle), and when you would re-max it or go to the same page, based on scrollbar location, as you would scroll certain sections that you had previously highlighted would come up as highlighted.

Maybe it's far fetched, because I don't know how to draw outside of an application window. There's probably a way to create an invisible layer (ie: on Dual monitor systems you can bring up MONITOR 1, MONITOR 2 on the monitors that overlay the screen) that could contain all the scratchings.

To re-iterate, there are 2 challenges:
1) write directly to screen on any window
2) be able to associate any doodlings in a window with scroolbar locations of the object you are doodling in

I have a feeling its possible but difficult. Maybe adobe can make it

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