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Default Re: Site search-problems!

Originally posted by Nessos

I have some problems. I´m using but it dosen´t work.... It work´s but you search true the hole ****ing computer, and not the path that I wan´t to.

SEARCH = %EXEC ..\scripts\sitesearch.exe TIMEOUT=5000 START="%[$path]"

That´s the line. What shall i write in $path?

I have tried with START="%[$C:\FTP\]", START="%[$/xyx/ /yxy/]", START="%[$C:\FTP\ /]"....

I haven´t forgot to rehash or something like that.
the commandline is
SEARCH = %EXEC ..\scripts\sitesearch.exe TIMEOUT=5000 START="%[$path]"

not START="%[$C:\FTP\ /] or whatever you're trying

at VERY least, you should use
START="%[C:\FTP]", notice no $ sign

but leave it as it supposed to be for best results
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