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Lightbulb How I got a troublesome ftp to work behind a linksys router

I could not connect to a known working FTP site behind Linksys Router BEFSR41. This is what worked for me, no gaurantees.

Under Options>Preferences>Proxy/Firewall/Ident

1. Uncheck "Use Passive Mode"
2. Check "Limit Local Range"
3. Select a couple hundred ports (just to be safe) I used 1024-1224
4. Check "Bind local ports to this IP:"
5. Enter your external IP address
6. I upgraded to the latest Linksys BEFSR41 firmware (May 2002), not sure if this is mandatory or not
7. Go to the advanced tab then the forwarding tab
8. Open the ports that you specified in the "limit local range" for your internal ip address.

Good Luck, The linksys router has been great for me thus far, too bad this was a pain
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