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Thanks. I install eggdrop, I configure "eggdrop.conf" but when executing "RunOnce.bat" it shows the following thing:

You're about to start Eggdrop with a new user file. Be sure that you've already
edited the settings in eggdrop.conf.
Press any key to continue . . .

Eggdrop v1.6.17 (C) 1997 Robey Pointer (C) 2004 Eggheads
[02:38] --- Loading eggdrop v1.6.17 (Fri Oct 1 2004)
[02:38] Module loaded: dns
[02:38] Module loaded: channels
[02:38] Module loaded: server
[02:38] Module loaded: ctcp
[02:38] Module loaded: irc
[02:38] Module loaded: notes (with lang support)
[02:38] Module loaded: console (with lang support)
[02:38] Module loaded: blowfish
[02:38] Module loaded: uptime
[02:38] Userinfo TCL v1.07 loaded (URL BF GF IRL EMAIL DOB PHONE ICQ).
[02:38] use '.help userinfo' for commands.
[02:38] winident.tcl v1.2 - by FireEgl@EFNet <> - Loaded.

Telnet to the bot and enter 'NEW' as your nickname.
OR go to IRC and type: /msg krasbot hello
This will make the bot recognize you as the master.

[02:38] === krasbot: 0 channels, 0 users.
Launched into the background (pid: 2920)
It seems that this working but it does not connect to the network of IRC nor channel. As I can find bot?, that it can be failing?

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