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Lightbulb [REQ] httpNewDir


I am searching for a script that we can call "httpNewDir".

Why a script like this?

You are in a place where just ports like 80, 81 or 110 opened? The rest is closed? What a pity, you can't look what's new on your site, but you have http access, how you can still get informed about the newest uploads...?

What it should do?

Give out the latest n releases in a single file (n for 1 to 1000... whatever, config later)

How it can work?

It can work like xferstats. Read out from xferlog the latest newdirs without (cd1,cd2,whatever...) but save them then only to a single file. No tagging or formating, just one release per line.

Then to use this file with a PHP File to show them how you like, or use SHTML for ssi input on your favorite webserver.

How it can look like?


What to configure?

- Amount of Lines in the file
- Prevent special folders (sample,cd1,disc,etc..)
- Prevent nuked releases with special string in config

What do you think about? Is there someone who could do this for me?
It will help much people I think.
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