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hmm i switched to debug = 1

and i see the problem

[R] 226-[0]=parent_incomplete > 1
[R] 226-Value found...
[R] 226-[1]=parent_incomplete_dirs > /incoming/
[R] 226-Value found...
[R] 226-[2]=2_level_incomplete > cd1 cd2 cd3 cd4 cd5 disc1 disc2 disc3 dvd1 dvd2 dvd3 vobsub vobsubs subtitle subtitles subs subpack codec
[R] 226-Incomplete symlink processed for '/incoming/blablabla/01-test.mp3'
[R] 226-Incomplete symlink: 'd:\ioFTPD\site\incoming\[incomplete]-blablabla'
[R] 226-vfs:chattr 1 "d:\ioFTPD\site\incoming\[incomplete]-blablabla" "/incoming/blablabla"

but d:\ioFTPD\site\incoming\ does physically not exist

my vfs should be correct
"e:\incoming" /incoming
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