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	// Make the socket listen
	nRet = listen(listeningSocket, 1);
	if (nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) {
		printf("Error at listen() :: listeningSocket\n");
		return 0;

	while(1) {
		// Wait for a client
		theSocket = accept(listeningSocket,
							NULL,			// Address of a sockaddr structure (see below)
							NULL);			// Address of a variable containing the size of sockaddr
		if (theSocket == INVALID_SOCKET) {
			printf("Error at accept() :: listeningSocket\n");
			return 0;

		if(_beginthread( read_socket, 0, NULL )==-1)
			printf("Error in creating thread read_client\n");
			return 1;
accept() is not asynchronous... Meaning it won't execute the next line until a client connects... and while it waits, it won't use any cpu.

For asynchronous daemon, I don't know. I'm pretty sure a windows message would be sent on connect, which needs to be attached to the function to be called on client connections. But what do u do in your main thread, I don't know. Google probably has more than enough C asynchronous socket tutorials.
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