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Originally posted by Grendel
1) It's still ioFTPD (if it has http-daemon capabilities or not...)
Grendel, since you're somewhat new to the community, the HTTP interface was originally planned just for administration purposes (adding, changing or removing groups and users etc.). If darkone chooses to further extend the HTTP interface to a point where it's a viable alternative to Microsoft's IIS (both HTTP and FTP) or Apache2, then renaming it would be a great idea. Afterall, Microsoft didn't name their HTTP/FTP/SMTP server IISFTP.

Originally posted by Grendel
2) many people must change their scripts (...and maybe more - like firewall rules ect.)
3) never change a running system, if it's not absolutely necessary
When this change comes, the various programming interfaces (SHmem, Modules, TCL, PHP) for ioFTPD will have changed so much, that changing a few strings or configuration options from "ioFTPD.exe" to "<product>.exe" will hardly be an issue.
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