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Default Autoconnect to a Site and much more ;)

Hi there,

I'd like to see an implementation of a little checkmark or similar in the Site Manager to connect to a Site everytime FlashFXP starts.

I am very pleased with FlashFXP itself, but as we can see in this Forum, there are some request, so I'd like to see the Folder-Rules too, but AFAIK it's on your list... THE List. I bet you guys are making one big list, where u set priorities and what is next to work on, what about publishing this list with a poll and the users can vote what they actually would like to see done the most. I admit that this list is probably large, but maybe you could narrow it down to quite a few, where I don't want to use numbers here.
I am pleased with your fast support bigstar and your close contact to the forum. Since I am a new registered user, I am happy how fast it went with my Registration Code. I went away from the illegal Downloads too, just because IMHO if you like a program, you should buy it, even tho it took me quite a while with FlashFXP. And yeah its the best.

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