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Originally posted by jron
Also I hope you don't over extend yourself by adding full on HTTPd support, like when you took months to add HTTP features that few people use =( This is YOUR project no doubt, but we are all in love with the FTP so, FTP features would be nice. Raiden is always adding really nice ideas to their FTPd they are just poorly implemented, its a shame really. =(
Moving to httpd doesn't take resources off the ftpd developement. Current httpd code is ~1200lines & took less than a week to write and optimize (prior version of httpd took much longer to do, as it had stream mime parser - which I learnt later on, isn't even a task that httpd should do => and which resulted to the rewrite). What I did spend some time on, was php module. However, it was done so, that it's possible to use it in the future with both ftp & telnet.

In the future, just like in the past, I will not focus primarily on adding features. ioFTPD wasn't ever designed to include all the whistles & bells - I think you all should know it by now.

Yes, there's several good things in raiden that are currently missing from io. First few that come to my mind are: Database (ODBC) support, NT service support, Unicode support, MLST.

However, I do have to set certain priorities for tasks. It makes no sense to add database support, before I've added dynamic user/groupfiles & unicode support. (with dynamic user/groupfile, I mean that it has database entry where modules can store data) And again, there is no point of adding dynamic user/group structures before unicode support is in. Which leads to why I'm writing the new core now: imo there was no point of rewriting socket readline function (~150lines) for the old core to support utf-8. (Point of rewriting is to make something better, not to make something bloated)
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