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Originally posted by NeoXed
I'm working on adding support for ioZS in an upcoming script of mine, however, I have 2 small issues with cookies.

When using the"$avgspeedkb" cookie, the resulting log entry is: "12345KBpskb". I assume that ioZS is using the "$avgspeed" cookie instead, and appending the "kb", which makes logical sense.

Secondly, would you be so kind to add a cookie for the race length in seconds? (Similar to $racelength, only without any formatting.)

OK, this is all done in the 2.04 I just posted. heh it appears as though whne matching cookies, it uses the first match, so avgspeedkb always ended up being the same as avgspeed, so I just renamed the cookie. Also added raceseconds which should give you what you need for the time.
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