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How are you testing, are you removing a file from a complete release and then scanning it?
Just "site rescan" on a complete release gives those cookie errors.
Or deleting a file within ioFTPD the "COMPLETE Tag" isn't deleted.

Try $mp3type, it outputs "CBR" or "VBR".
Thanx, thats what I wanted. Uuhm,
same failure after uploading (No rescan):

The "MP3 Complete Tag" shows:
[BLA] - ( 98.3MB 10F - COMPLETE - $mp3type 192 Kbit 44 KHz MP3 ) - [BLA]

Maybe coz I'm running ioFTPD as an service (svrany.exe) under an user account. (Should try the system account!)
Win2k SP4 over here.

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