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Hi StarDog,

tested v2.02 now. Works good and even seems to be a bit faster now.

Rescan works now in both modes, but when rescanning a release some cookies from the "COMPLETE_MP3 Tag" aren't read.
Got something left like this in the Dir: [BLA] - ( 98.3MB 10F - COMPLETE - $mp3bitrate $mp3frequency MP3 ) - [BLA]
While $checkedsize and $totalfiles cookies work.

btw. a $bitratetype cookie would be nice (CBR and VBR) if I haven't overlooked it.

When deleting a file the "COMPLETE Tag" isn't deleted too, as in v1.0x. (My setup: VFS_Chown="" )

Found no other probs so far... keep it up.

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