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Is it just one sfv file in particular, or all sfv releases? (and what kind of files are in the rellease? MP3's or other?)

It crashes at EVERY SFV File upload, for EVERY SFV Release.
And...ioZS.EXE crashes at ZIP-File-checking too, so no zips will uploaded.

Reg-Keys are all set by setup.exe and can still found in registry.

I tried your standard config and several own configs,
but it allways results in this crashes.

In my opinion it has nothing to do with the reg-keys.
But maybe it has something to do with the compiled .EXE in any way (Compileroptions ??)
- FlashFXP v4.0 BETA (v3.7.9 Build 1401) registered
- Windows 7 x64
- McAfee Antivirus Enterprise 8.7i Patch 2 + Antispyware 8.7i
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